Thursday, February 28, 2013

Found the perfect dress!

I have a couple of weddings coming up and have nothing to wear!! I know, first world problems, but a problem nonetheless.

I was geared up for a long and tedious quest for the perfect dress that would work for a cocktail wedding as well as a less formal wedding without looking like a trashy hooker or a year 12 student at their end of high school formal. But I found it in the second store I went into. Faaaabulous!!

And here t'is!! Ta-da!! The most perfect wedding attendance dress ever!! A classic line, heavy quality fabric and versatile (I could use it for balls and birthday parties?)

This isn't the colour or size I want, but the style is perfect. It's from Review and I used to work in their Oxford Street store in Paddington in Sydney many, many years ago.

This is me in the dressing rooms after a long battle with sizing. I took in a size 6 and an 8 and first tried on the eight.

It was soooo tight!!

So tight I had to get two attendants in the dressing room to get the zip up and when we did finally get it up, I could feel it bursting at the seams.

"It looks a little tight," said Attendant 1, "perhaps you should try the size 10."

"NO!" I said, "I used to work for Review, I'm a perfect size 8!

"The zip looks awfully tight," said Attendant 2, "maybe they just made a smaller cut this time, the 10 might be better."

"It fits like a glove," said I, even though I thought I might pass out from lack of oxygen, "it's perfect!"

"Why don't I just get the 10 for you to try on," said Attendant 1, "maybe it won't bunch up as much around the stomach area."

"NOOOOOOOOOO," I wailed, "I'm an 8!! An 8!!!" (Why wasn't anyone listening to me????)

Anyway, I conceded, finally, that this was just too small and agreed (reluctantly) to the 10. When I tried it on was humungous! (Disclaimer: may be exaggerating). It was definitely not just one size too big. Bizarre. Also, I thought it high time I stopped wearing black. The only solution really was to order the size 8 in navy and stop eating cupcakes for the next few weeks until I'm back to my "proper size".

Anyway, the mystery of the size too small was solved when I went to take a pic of the tag. Turns out that 8 was actually a 6. Yeah. And to think I was going to give up cupcakes...


Editors Post-Note: After trying on the navy, I decided I liked the black after all. The store was giving $75 off for Myer One customers and I cashed in a whole stack of credit card points for Myer gift vouchers. So the dress cost practically nothing. #awesomeness